Stop asking your users what they want

UX Designer & Researcher이신 Amy Rogers 님께서 UX Collective에 기고하신 글
유저 인터뷰 시 피해야 할 4가지 질문을 Why this question sucksWhat to do instead를 함께 제시해 줘서 설득력있다.
P.s. 홀수 개에 익숙해져 있다보니, 4가지 질문만 소개해 주니까 살짝 어색하다 ㅋㅋ

Why this question sucks

What would you use this app/website/product for? ⇒ People are terrible at predicting their future behaviours.
Would you find this feature useful? ⇒ There's a difference between useful and necessary.
Do you like this design? ⇒ The majority of people don't know what makes a design good.
Would your mum/child/friend use this? ⇒ People suck at judging their own actions, so how do you expect them to know

What to do instead

Look into what they have done in the past. Ask them to recall how they solved a problem in the past. Or what caused the problem in the first place.
Create a task-driven usability test to see if they find and use the feature on their own. Even better, use A/B testing to see how users react to your new feature.
Pick up hints about the effect the brand and visuals are having from how they respond to your other questions. Interpret insights from their comment.
Be picky about the people you invite to interviews.